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Real-time Location-based marketing and analytics

MOCA connects online and offline world allowing companies to personalize, segment and deliver communications across the mobile and web channel.

  • Moca Outdoor Heatmaps
  • Moca Outdoor Heatmaps
  • Moca Campaign Analytics
  • Moca Campaign Creation
  • Moca Indoor Maps
  • Moca Geofence
  • Moca Venue Location
  • Moca Activity Analytics
  • Moca Activity Analytics

All the features you need

Everything you need to turn your mobile app into a powerful marketing tool.

Beacons & Proximity

MOCA works with all major beacon standards — iBeacon™, Eddystone — and supports variety of manufacturers.

Location & geo-fencing

See where your customers are located around the world. Trigger interactions when they enter or leave locations.

Personalized Campaigns

Automate direct communications with your users triggered at the moment and place they're most likely to engage.

Live User Profiles Pro

Track any attribute of every customer using your app. Get a complete picture with up-to-date profiles.

Live Audience Targeting

Dynamically group people based on who they are, what they do in your app, and what locations they visit in real-world.

Real-time Analytics

Get reports, trends and insights. MOCA enables you to ask complex questions and learn much more from your data.

Indoor Maps Pro

Enter buildings with integrated floorplans. Design engaging experiences and observe interactions indoor.

Multi-platform SDKs

MOCA works seamlessly across all major platforms — iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Windows Phone and Cloud.

API & Integrations Pro

Connect MOCA with data from other products your business uses. Easily export customer profiles and analytics data.

Interested in providing the next-generation location-based solutions?

Become MOCA Partner and differentiate your business with award-winning technology.

Test drive proximity campaigns. No coding required.

Ready to add location-awareness to your app? Get started with geofences and beacons by using MOCA Proximity Experience App. Download our app and start interactive experiments with just a few beacons. You may use the app to pitch proof-of-concept interactions and attract attention from product people and decision-makers. Once your proximity-enabled app is budgeted and the mobile team allocated, the proper app development process with MOCA SDKs starts. Finally, after few weeks or months of app development, the service is deployed to the production environment.

Moca iOS App

What makes MOCA unique

Big Data Algorithms

Original Algorithms

We've created proprietary big data algorithms to build the solution designed to deliver 1-to-1 mobile marketing.

Data-driven Marketing ROI

Data-driven Marketing ROI

Convert data analysis into just-in-time, personalized marketing campaigns that trigger at the perfect moment in the buying cycle.

Industrial-Strength Platform

Industrial-Strength Platform

Track millions of mobile users. You only have to worry about providing your users with the content you want; we'll do the rest.

Why our customers trust us

Isabel Rodriguez, Atos Consulting
When compared with other similar solutions, you realize that the difference relies on the analytical power of MOCA. It is not just about using beacons or gathering data, it is about building knowledge from all those data and monetizing it.

Isabel Rodriguez, Atos Consulting

Xavier Casals, GSMA, Mobile World Congress
Through MOCA we have discovered a new communication channel, giving us the opportunity to communicate and interact better and efficiently with our users.

Xavier Casals, GSMA, Mobile World Congress

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